Facilities Request Form

Woodmont Academy Facilities Request Form

Please submit requests at least 7 days prior to the event.

    Requesting Group:

    Date of Request:

    Contact’s Name


    Phone (H)



    Date(s) needed:

    Time needed:

    Event Title

    Description of facilities use:

    FACILITIES REQUESTED (Check all that apply)

    Building 2


    Pre-K KC KB Spanish Music Art KA

    Building 1

    Conference Room

    Building 3 Assembly Room

    Outside Playground

    Building 4

    1C 1A 5B Spanish 3B 1B 4B 7B

    Building 5

    8 7A 6 5A 4A 3A 2A 2B

    Number of adults to attend

    Number of children to attend

    Items requested for set up in Building #3 by Woodmont Staff

    Number of chairs

    Number of Lunch tables

    Number of 6’ tables

    (2 maximum)

    See page three for diagram of set up for tables and chairs.


    Microphone system:

    Wireless Lavaliere

    Wireless handheld

    Wired Microphone on stand

    (If items below are needed in a room other than Building #3, please specify)





    Other items requested:

    Coffee pots (group must supply paper products and beverage supplies)

    Table cloths: Maximum number available in parentheses
    Blue rectangle (4)

    Cream rectangle (2)

    Burgundy round (4)

    Blue round (10)

    Cream Round (2)

    Burgundy table skirts (6)

    All items used must be cleaned and properly put away at the end of the event. Linens must be returned clean to school within 2 days after the event. Please follow these rules: 1. Sweep the floors; mop, if necessary. 2. Clean kitchen (wash, dry, and store dishes). 3. Empty all trash cans, replace bags, and put trash in dumpster. Close dumpster lids. 4. Clean bathrooms, flush toilets. (Ensure faucets and toilet water are not running) 5. Store chairs and tables in assembly area. 6. Vacuum carpets, if necessary. (Vacuum cleaners are in closets) 7. Lock doors and windows. DO NOT ACTIVATE ALARM IN ANY BUILDINGS!!! 8. Store toys, sports equipment, etc. (inside and outside). 9. Do not use teachers’ classroom supplies. 10. Make sure classrooms are cleaned and organized. 11. Turn off lights (includes halls). 12. Pick up trash around the buildings, if you used outside.
    13. Do not prop open entrance doors during events.
    (Fire Code prevents more than 200 people in Auditorium – Bldg. #3)
    I hereby take responsibility for the facilities, items, and campus property used during the course of this event and will follow the rules as stated above.

    In the event of a building emergency, contact Lee Garrison at 443-286-8927 or Chrissy Mayhew at 443-745-5771

    Facilities set-up for Building #3 – Multipurpose Room

    Chairs to be set up zone(s)

    6’ Table(s) to be set up zone(s)

    Lunch tables to be set up in zone(s)

    Details on what type of set up for chairs, i.e. facing front, angled inward, aisle in middle, straight rows, typical mass set up, etc. Podium and microphones will be set up in the front of the room unless otherwise specified.

    2000 Woodmont Drive, Cooksville, MD 21723 • [email protected]
    Office: 443-574-8100 • Admissions: 443-574-8100 x104 • Fax: 410-465-9162

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