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Administrative Staff

Executive DirectorMr. Scott Brown
[email protected]

Scott F. Brown, Executive Director

PrincipalMiss Michele Blum
[email protected]
Dean of AcademicsMr. Frank Nicely
[email protected]
Dean of StudentsMiss Peggy Haney
[email protected]
Lower School Coordinator for Pre-K – Grade 2Mrs. Susan Norton
[email protected]
Business ManagerMrs. Christina Mayhew
[email protected]
AccountantMrs. Mary Sharkey
[email protected]
Director of AdmissionsMrs. Marcie Zimmermann
[email protected]
Admissions AssistantMrs. Lois Kelly
[email protected]
Director of Community DevelopmentMr. Greg Rohr
[email protected]
Administrative AssistantMrs. Cheri Auger
[email protected]
Pre-K:Mrs. Patricia McKinley
Aide – Mrs. Peggy Preis
Kindergarten:Mrs. Linda Rossiter
Aide – Mrs. Cindy Sparks
Mrs. Elizabeth Heisler
Aide – Mrs. Lu Anne Fazio
Grade 1:Mrs. Kellie Marr
Mrs. Leticia Lasseter
Miss Erin Tucker
Grade 2:Mrs. Robin Schneider
Mrs. Megan Powers
Grade 3 Girls:Mrs. Patricia Carmadella
Grade 3 Boys:Mrs. Lee Bepko
Grade 4 Boys:Mrs. Susan Jones
Grade 4 Girls:Mrs. Deb Lynn
Grade 5 Girls:Miss Jennifer Glogowski
Grade 5 Boys:Miss Carolyn Boyer
Grade 6 Girls:Miss Rebecca Mlinek
Grade 6 Boys:Mr. Mark Moran
Grade 7:Mr. Scott Rich
Grade 8 Boys:Mr. David Brennan
Grade 8 Girls:Mrs. Ildiko Rich
Spanish:Pre-K – Grade 3 Mrs. Patricia Stack
Grades 4-8 Mrs. Ariane Dudley
Music:Mrs. Christine Wells
Physical Education:Grades K and 1: Mrs. Therese Smith
Grades 2 and 3: Mrs. Pam Geier
Grades 4-8: Mrs. Regina Smutz
Art:Miss Britta Williams

2000 Woodmont Drive, Cooksville, MD 21723 • [email protected]
Office: 443-574-8100 • Admissions: 443-574-8100 x104 • Fax: 410-465-9162

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